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Everyone has seen these guys who make a living going around and getting people fired up about God, Tupperware or selling houses or insurance. It is true that you must be passionate about what it is that you are doing, or want to be doing for a living to make “it”. It is unfortunate that most people pick something that 50% of the population also is passionate about doing for a living.

Ask any adolescent (and some adults) what this “thing”would be for them and it will be movie star, singing star, sports icon or something else that only one percent of one percent of one percent ever make any money doing. I am not going to argue that being passionate about playing music is essential. What these guys tell you is that all the people who made it big were passionate about their endeavour and I think this is true. What they don’t tell you is that while 100% of the successful people were passionate about what they do, being passionate about music will not make you a great musician, or anything else. But one thing for sure is that if you are not passionate about playing and have a possitlive outlook about it, you are doomed to fail. Sorry FACT! So don’t be afraid to do as I did, and aclaim to the world (and yourself) that you are going be famous for your talent someday. Even if you are wrong as I was, don’t fear being wrong because right now you need to believe it to trick yourself into having the motivation it will take to follow through on this.

I can’t teach someone to be famous or successful but I can tell you that I never even wondered once whether or not I would be a great player. The rich and famous  part has nothing to do with talent or ability. It surely doesn’t hurt to have it but I can show you more people who are not rich and famous with gobs of talent and ability than rich and famous ones. There is only room for so many. Fortunately for music, you don’t have to be the best as in sports. All the talk and personality in the world won’t make you a golf god but it sure has made a lot of entertainers rich.

Speaking (typing) of God, I was once on a hit of orange sunshine (L.S.D.) in the sixties and I felt God was asking “what do you want in life young man?” I said without hesitation “I want to be a great guitar player and I don’t care if I make it rich or famous or if anybody else even notices or knows the difference” and that is exactly what He gave me. Sorry.............She gave me. Thanks be to God!!