I ran across your ad in NUVO recently and decided to have  a look at your web site.  I like the no-nonsense look and approach.  I particularly enjoyed the Robservations

I'd also like to remind you how much your teaching and encouragement meant to me back in the mid-late 1980s.  I'd had a few teachers and they were all good players and could show me how to do things, but as teachers they lacked what you have in spades - empathy, and what is empathy after all but love?  I knew then that I had some talent, but your empathy for the diffficulty every student is faced with was the difference for me.  It helped draw out of me the desire I needed then, and also the confidence.  I'm still not the player I could be, but you taught me how to love myself through the difficulty of learning an instrument.  So when I have a hard thing to do musically, I still draw upon your teaching.  And also, by the way, it finds its way into other aspects of my life.

I was reminded by your comments on the path of least resistence that you are a parent, and I seem to remember that you have a daughter.  I hope she is well, and it sounds like she has a good dad.

Whenever someone asks me if I know a good guitar teacher, I always refer them to you.  I say, "I know a great guitar teacher."

Hope our paths cross sometime again before too long.

Take care.

Gary Wasson (Sindicato)

"Rob.........tall, smooth and easy is where you are."

Leroy Neiman fine artist

From: Rukiya Bey of Conrad Hotels

Sent: Friday, September 29, 2006 1:41 P. M.

To: Jeff Crane WYJZ

Cc: Emily Schaick

Subject: Conrad Jazz Artist

I wanted to let you both know that the feedback we received from staff

and guests about Mr. Swaynie was VERY favorable.  Everyone liked his

music selection and the volume of the sound was perfect.  I was unable

to introduce myself to him last week, but I will certainly let him know

what our staff has said.

Thanks and hope everything is well with both of you.

Talk to you soon,


Rukiya Bey

Public Relations and Marketing Manager

Yank Rachel

"Where did you learn to pick that guitar?"

James (Yank) Rachel, blues legend.

"he's Big he's Tall and he's a very fine musician"  

Carl Frye WYJZ Smooth Jazz  100.9 FM  Indy

Tom Cochrun renowned Hoosier journalist.

"We love it " ("Gymnopedie #1" from the Big&Tall CD)

"I listened to it ten times in a row.

"the Great R. S."

the "Mighty Adam Smasher"

(Asher Benrubi)..entertainer and D.J.KFTK 97.1 F. M. Talk St. Louis

"One of areas best AXEMEN" Chuck Workman Jazz Critic NUVO Newsweekly.WYJZ Radio

"One of Indianas' Own" Ray Rice WISH T.V.

"great style"

Stanley Jordan, jazz guitarist.

"I hear to players all day long from all over the world here in Nashville,

but I seldom here anybody play like that".

George Gruhn of Gruhn Vintage Guitars, Nashville Tenn.

"Rob is my favorite guitarist"

Marjorie Wallace, "Miss World" 1974

"you're a great teacher"

Dallas Clark tight end

Super Bowl XLI Champion Indianapolis Colts

June 19, 2007 in my studio.

He's the little guy!

"Rob, take this thing away from me, you play it better that I do."

Stephen Stills, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Jan 20, 2007

Conrad Hotel. see movie

"real music for a change"

Buzz Aldrin

astronaut and the second man on the moon.

"You play your ass off man!",

Todd Rundgren, rock star.

"wonderful arrangements"

Janna Hymes-Bianchi, former associate conductor,

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Serene Montomery

Widow of Wes Montgomery

"you sound like my Wes"

"Rob's playing blew us away 30 years ago in high school.,

and in my opinion he's a master now.  He's a good friend and a great  player".  

Toby Myers bassist for John Mellencamp and Roadmaster.

"Rob is a guitar-god.....an icon. One weekend we went to Lexington, Ky to see them (Pure Funk) and then the next in South Bend,IN"

Mike Wanchic, guitarist for John Mellencamp


Bo Derek

"I love that"

Angie Everhart

"you made our evening" after dining at the New Orleans House" restaurant

David Baker, Head of Indiana University School of Jazz.

"he doesn't strangle it like most of 'em"

Tom Griswold

"Bob & Tom"





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Indianapolis, IN 46268

(317) 291-9495