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Lesson Directory

Introduction to Tablature

1. Fundamentals

     a. Hand Eye Studies 1  2  3  4  5  6

2. Single notes and their names

3. Intervals Dyads (two notes and the distance between)

4. Chords

     a. open chords key of C G D A E F

5. Triads

     a. Root Position

          1. 1 string (linear)

          2. 2 strings

          3. 3 strings

          4. in position F.S.2.pdf  F.S.3.pdf

     b. 1st inversion

     c. 2nd inversion

6. Seventh Chords Tetrads

7. Accompaniment

     a. strumming chords (rhythm guitar)

     b. fingerpick     

          1. arpeggios

          2. counterpoint

6. Circle of fifths

7. Diatonic animation



1. Intervals

     a. linear (horizontal) one string

          1. octave division .pdf

     b. vertical (in position)

     c. diagonal (multi position)

2. Scales

     a. diatonic

          1. 2 notes per string

          2. 3 notes per string     

          3. 4 notes per string 1 .pdf 2

     b.  Pentatonic  1  2  3  4

          1. Major 1  2  3  4  5  

          2. Minor

3. Melodic (Jazz) minor (Ionian minor)

     d. Symmetrical

     e. Chromatic

      f. Wholetonic (Augmented dominant) 1  2  3

     g. Diminished

          1. diminished 7

          2. double diminished (half/whole) (whole/half)

"Rob is one of those no nonsense guys. He has a vast wealth of knowledge that is useful to any level of student, beginner or advanced, guitarist or bassist. Couple that with his quick humor and his ability to empathize with the student, and you have one extraordinary teacher.  You have to have (or develop) the self-discipline to learn and practice. If you do, you will find Rob to be one hell of a good teacher, and you will find yourself progressing at a fast pace.

Rob is the best teacher I've had, and if somebody asks me where I learned to play, I always tell them to go see this guy." Ben Meadors 10-1-06

  4. Arpeggios  

       a. root position 2 notes per string

       b. seventh chords 2 notes per string

          IV  V  vi  vii  I  ii  iii  IV

       c. fingerpick basics .pdf

  5. Timing

       a. manuscript primer

  6. Techniques

       a. slide b. hammer on  c. pull off  d.vibrato

  7. Theory

  8. Improvisation

  9. Rhythmic figure

       a. alternating

10. Bass

       a. intro to tablature