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(The Vogue)

By: Greg Day

   The Vogue stepped beyond their adequateness last Tuesday night by featuring the superb sound of Aärress.  Aärress, a band comprised of young, talented musical innovators, appeared to be as polished and as commanding as any of the other rock progenies seen about town.  Their rudimentary pith, bass, drums and guitar (nice guitar!) served as a backdrop (nice backdrop!) to the efforts of the singer/acoustic guitarist and violin/singer/keyboardist.

    On-stage, their appearance mimicked the likes of mainstreamaarress1.jpg space-Yes and, for those who can recall, the completely outrageous Curved Air.  In fact, the immediate impression received, after gaining entrance from the door guard and allowing myself through the Guilded Passage, was that of listening to a matured and more confident fusion of Yes/Curved Air/Wolff.

    As a cold Heineken warmed my hands, the decision was made that my own highly revered opinion wouldn't suffice, so I watched the audience's response.  Music is the one entertainment the folks of this town allow to get the best of their fundamental doctrine of prudence, viewing it as an aestheticaaarresssnowplow.jpgl ritual.  The notes emitted from the Vogue's stage Tuesday were obviously fulfilling.

    The band's music, and this is not a negative criticism, lacked the  penchant for egotistic exchanges and interruptions that a majority of the local artists seem to have.  The drummer and bassist had no trouble supplying percussive support to the tangential harmonies and melodies of the other members duets and solos, as well as adding their own flair themselves.

     The musicianship was good,  even barely verging on being excellent.  The musical personalities were comfortable in a given-another-chance-Icarus-aarress3.jpgjust-don't-get-too-close-to-the-heat-next-time sort of way.  A uniqueness must be allowed to emerge from this band--a quality of difference.  Don't get me wrong, they are very good and extremely colorful.  Given a couple of years, their sound will be "the" sound.

      is Close to 'the' Sound

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