Welcome to the Internet home of Indianapolis guitarist Rob Swaynie.

Rob has taught over 90,000 private guitar lessons to over 7,000 students in 50 years. His lifetime income was approximately 85% lessons and 15% Performing. Teaching guitar 25 hours a week for half a century gave Mr. Swaynie a perspective on guitar study that few have. His first commercial teaching experience began in 1967 at Northside Music in Broad Ripple on Indianapolis' north side. Rob has operated in Augusta since then.

In the last few years, he has archived what he has learned about guitar, music and the way people learn, and what challenges, strengths, and weaknesses are common in the typical guitar student.

This website is the culmination of all that information catalogued and organized in a way to make learning to play the instrument a minimal challenge.

Manuscript, tablature, both graphic and digital, video, audio and verbal instructions as well as PowerPoint type slideshows are included so that no matter how you learn there is something for you.

Conrad Indy